Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure you have some questions about your camper before you venture off on your trip, so we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions for you.

How does it assemble?

The BedBox opens via the push of a button. Once unloaded you use the remote to open & close the ‘tent’ & bed area, only takes 60 seconds. (1 minute to erect, about 3 minutes to pack it away). The tent incorporates a ‘self-erection’ action which means there are NO additional poles you need to add or adjust.

AMBUSH Campers has some great advantages for the not so young. Touch of a button & up she goes, low step up to get into the tent area and a low bed. This means no need to climb up steps or a ladder to get into the bed just sit down, take off your shoes & fall back into bed.

What is the tent and frame made of?

The Tent is Australian made, consisting of Australian made Canvas. The body is made from Australian made Custom & Exclusive Aluminium Extrusions. Low profile, lightweight, minimal wind resistance makes it easy to tow and easy to manoeuvre.

What makes our products different?

Smaller, Lighter, Cheaper, Automatic opening, totally UNIQUE. There is nothing like this in the market. Sure, there are other ‘Toy Haulers’ but nothing quite like our products.

It has a very low height providing ease of loading & hence having a very low centre of gravity making it safe & stable on the road.

Can our campers be used off road?

We offer 2 different models for on and off road. The 4wd is an off road version with premium custom airbag suspension allowing for a smooth ride and controllable ride high. It features 4WD Alloy Wheels and other great features such as Queen size air mattress and other fabulous features for comfort.

How can I get more info?

For more information please feel free to reach out via our website or phone us today.