Basic (Entry Level)

Basic model, NO bells & whistles.

  • Provides a platform to carry all your ‘toys’ or nothing at all.
  • It has a very low height providing ease of loading & hence having a very low centre of gravity making it safe & stable on the road.
  • The BedBox opens via the push of a button. Once unloaded you use the remote to open & close the ‘tent’ & bed area, only takes 60 seconds. (1 minute to erect, about 3 minutes to pack it away).
  • The tent incorporates a ‘self-erection’ action which means there are NO additional poles you need to add or adjust.
  • The Tent is made of 16oz Australian made Canvas.
  • Body is made from Australian made Custom & Exclusive Aluminium Extrusions.
  • Low profile, lightweight, minimal wind resistance, easy to manoeuvre
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Our models allow for a quick setup so you can prepare the tent, sleeping bags, pillows and more.


An Ambush Camper is a hard-sided camper trailer that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing comfort.

  • Basic model, NO bells & whistles.
  • It will still have the same BedBox as the other models.
  • Simpler suspension (Slipper Spring).
  • Steel Wheels
  • No kitchen, no fridge, minimal electrics.

Best Suited For:

Weekend Warrior

For the guys & gals that want to take their toys, Motorbikes, Quads, Trikes, SXS, Mountain Bikes, Canoes, Kayaks, out for a weekend of fun but with that touch of comfort.

Grey Nomads

AMBUSH Campers has some great advantages for the not so young. Touch of a button & up she goes, low step up to get into the tent area & a low bed, no need to climb up steps or a ladder to get into the bed just sit down, take off your shoes & fall back into bed.


Load up the Quad or small SXS (Side-By-Side) & head out hunting. Hunt to their hearts content & have a comfortable camp to come back to. Head to where the 'game' is.


Able to loaf up all the Kids toys & Dads toy, great kitchen facilities & comfortable bed. Light, safe, easy to tow. Will carry Mum’s, Dad’s & the Kids toys. Kid’s Room (optional). With 2 Ensuite: Dry Room (dry off & get dressed), Wet Room (shower)


Got a weekend of competitions load up your Motor Bike, Road Bike, Mountain Bike, Surf Board, whatever your toy is & have a comfortable bed at the end of the day.

Go off road and carry all your gear

If you’re looking for adventure, in any season, the Ambush Camper is the ultimate way to go.

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Optional Extras

Checkout ambush campers optional extras. From specialty hitch, spare wheels to extra awnings, we have the options to make your camping more comfortable.

Specialty hitch – McHitch, Treg, DO35

Spare Wheel

Mag Wheels with Spare

Annex walls & Floor

Rear Annex End Room

Kitchen Awning

Tropical or Insulated Roof

Additional LED Lighting

Kitchenette – Stove & Storage

Taillight Surround

Billet Aluminium Machined & Polished

Number Plate Holder

Brakes (Mechanical or Electric)

Stereo (Future Addition)

Spare Mounted Hub & Bearings (Future Addition)

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